Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barnyard Boo!

Our first year going to Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving Point. We loved it! It was perfect for little kids, they had all the normal stuff that the farm there usually has, but also a bunch of fun little games for the kids to play to earn treats, right up our alley! We went with our friends, the Wilburs, then afterwards went to their house for some yummy taco soup and pumpkin carving. It was tons of fun and nice to have something to do to keep my mind off of Erik being out of town.

Hula-hooping is hard.

Katy and Julian. It was a cold evening. Actually, that night ended up being the first freeze (that I am aware of) of the season.

Yep. Cold.

Face Painting! These are supposed to be spooky eyes ha ha ha. It's what Noelle picked!

Riding Tater the horse. Noelle is in LOVE with horses right now. She asks to go to the farm and ride one every day :)

They're Married!!

My dear twin sister Krysta is finally married! And she couldn't have picked a better guy! Heber and Krysta Tapia were married on Oct. 7 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. And everything was perfect, except for the weather. But really, you can't have EVERYTHING be perfect on your wedding day.
Their reception was so much fun, good food, family and friends, and good music and dancing! It was a party! We were all so happy for this exciting day, and I am so happy to get to share the joys of marriage with my sister now ha ha.

The happy couple

Noelle and Addie dancing. Noelle literally danced all night. If we ever took her away from the dance floor she would say "Let me dance!." At about midnight she finally laid down on the floor and said "I'm tired."

The 3 Gau nieces with their Tia Krysta

Felicidades to the Happy Couple :D

5 Months Down!

This baby girl just keeps growing, and keeps lighting up our lives! She is our sweet, smiley girl, we love her so much! With every month that passes I just become ever more grateful to be her mother. What a blessing our little Soleil is!
I realized that I forgot to put up her 4 month stats, so those first. At her 4-month checkup she weighed 14 lbs. 9 oz, which put her in about the 75% for weight, and she was 24 in long which put her about 90% for height. We love our chunky girl!
Soleil is so bright and sunny, she just has an openness about her, she is always alert and interested in what you are doing. She will smile at anyone and just instantly melt their heart, people always want to hold her :)
She is so close to being able to sit on her own, and she loves it. Every time I lay her down she tries to curl herself up into a sitting position, you can practically hear her saying "no, no I'm so tired of looking at the ceiling!" She is also now quite adept at rolling from her tummy to her back; no more tummy time for this girlie.
Our little ladybug is getting better at sleeping at night. She still wakes up twice, during her night, to eat. But it is on a pretty consistent schedule. But I am very excited to start her on solid foods tomorrow and see how that helps at night :)
Things we love about our Ladybug:
  • Of course, her ready smile and cute, cute, CUTE laughter!
  • She grabs EVERYTHING that comes within her reach and tastes it. Funny now, but I'm sure I won't love it as much when she can move around.
  • Today she figured out how to say "ba-ba-ba" and didn't stop saying it until I put her to sleep :) She would just talk to me like she had finally figured it out and had so much to tell me!
  • She loves to lay on my chest and roll off while I catch her.
  • She loves when I pretend to eat her belly and toes hee hee.
  • She still loves to hold my hand in the car.
  • She is willing to rock from side to side on her back like nobody's business, and loves to reach far up over her head to look at and get things, but she will NOT stay on her tummy.
  • She is absolutely engaging. Her little hazel eyes captivate you and her bright happy smile thrills you.
  • When she is just chillin she blows bubbles, razzberries, and makes a little "pfff" sound. She also makes that sound when she is sizing something up. It is one of my favorite things she does.

My girlies reading in bed :)

Love that hair! She is too cute :D she had a piggy tail in the day before and this is what it looked like after sleeping on it all night.

I was loving the wedding. She wasn't :)