Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm F'wee!

Our sweet Noelle is 3!!! I can't believe it, but my first baby is 3 years old :) We had so much fun for Noelle's birthday. We decided to plan a great big Princess party for all of our friends and family to come to. Noelle was so excited, she talked about it for weeks before. Her birthday was Saturday the 25th, so we got to have her party on her actual birthday! That morning she got to go get her fingernails and toenails done with her cousin Anya, then she got to open family presents. And then it was time for the party! We invited everyone there to dress up as kings, queens, princesses, princes, fairies, trolls, witches, or anything fairy tale! We had lots of pretty princesses, some fairies, two kings, and even a Peter Pan! We played Rapunzel, and when the kids asked Rapunzel to let down her hair, their treat bags were attached. Then we had a pinata, and then presents. After all that fun we had dinner and cake and just relaxed and visited and played. We are so grateful to everyone for coming all the way out to our house to show their love for Noelle! She had such a wonderfully special day :D

The Royal family ha ha ha

Our two princesses patiently waiting for cake

The AMAZING princess castle cake my dear friend Natalie made (she's the one in the yellow dress:) Not only did it look great, it tasted awesome too! It was really perfect and exactly what we (I) wanted.

Lost in a sea of wrappings :)

Presents! She really was just spoiled.

Our house was packed! That brown paper is the Rapunzel tower. It was so much fun :)

Noelle had her dress, glass slippers (pink jelly sandals) her crown, necklaces, a glow wand, and her stick pony. A true Princess!

Opening presents earlier in the day from Mommy, Daddy, and Ladybug.

The birthday girl getting measured! She really didn't like it, but it was a must!

When Noelle went to bed Friday night, there were no decorations up or anything. When she woke up Saturday morning, all the decorations for her party were up and there was a big pile of presents waiting for her on the kitchen table :)

At 3 years old, Noelle weighs 26 lbs, only 5 1/2 pounds more than her little sister ha, and is 3 ft 3.5 inches tall. This puts her in the 10th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height. Yes, she is very much my child :) We love our little Noelle so much! She loves anything horses or princesses, and she also loves to color and read. She will watch as many movies and play as many video games as we will let her. Her favorite movies are Cinderella and The Lion King, and her favorite tv show to watch is The Backyardigans. She has lots and lots of books, and she loves going to the library to pick new ones each week. She is very good at saying blessings on the food, but is still practicing being reverent during prayers. She LOVES playing with her friends and cousins, and is learning all the things little kids have to learn, like how to share and not hit :) She loves to make her baby sister laugh, and especially loves to help me in the kitchen to make meals. She is very good helper at unloading the dishwasher, and would love to help load, but I'm not ready fer her to be that helpful yet cause she still doesn't quite get the idea of germs and where they can be and how you keep from spreading them. She is still kinda picky, but does a pretty good job of eating all the bites of everything we tell her she has to eat. She is fully potty trained hooray! Except last night she was hugging Erik and for some reason decided to pee on him hahahahaha. It made no sense at all, but was secretly pretty funny. We are so happy to see the cute little girl our Noelley baby has turned into, and love hearing all the wonderful and funny things she has to say about the world and life. She truly is a joy and a light in our lives. Happy Birthday Sweet Noelle!