Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Games for Noelle

Playing in the fridge

This is fun, right?

She did this over and over again! Throw the shoes down the step then reach and pick them back up. How does she come up with these things?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Little Lolly

Yeah these completely crack me up :D

So my new nickname for Noelle is Lolly. I don't really know why I started calling her that, but now I can't seem to stop. Oh well. Here we have a nice exhibit of Shrek/nun Lolly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Big 1!!!!!!

Oh dear our little baby is 1 year old! What a bittersweet birthday this has been! This year has absolutely flown by for us, I hope that doesn't become a habit. For Noelle's birthday, of course she got spoiled. This little one-year-old got THREE birthday parties with THREE different cakes and THREE times as many presents. We had so much fun :D

PARTY #1-- Grandma Gau's house

I love this picture

And this one ;) Meow.

Party #2-- Great Grandma and Grandpa Gau's house.

At the first party she wasn't too sure about the cake, but by this party she had figured out what it was all about.
The frosting handprint behind her on the table cracks me up.

Party #3-- Our house, with friends.

I LOVE this girl! She could not be any cuter.

I made a strawberrry-banana jello poke and pour cake. It was really good and Erik had great ideas for helping me decorate it.

Some things I love about my dear Noelle:
The way she coos and all the sounds she makes
Big, open-mouthed baby kisses! Heart melting for sure
How she loves to feed herself
How she crawls around
She is a fiend in her walker :) (thanks again Julie!)
She can turn lights on and off
She is very obedient
How she is shy when meeting new people
Her two adorable teeth, they are so funny and cute, it makes me laugh just to see them
Her laugh is hilarious, sadly she laughs just like me!
Of course, her beautiful blond, curly locks and stunning blue eyes
I love to dance with her to songs on the radio
She gets so excited when either mommy or daddy walks through the door, I would do anything in the world for that bright, shining face!
She loves to "read" books and especially loves turning the pages
She loves brushing her teeth and eating the toothpaste