Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Noelle Been Up To?

Truthfully not a lot since it's been so rainy, but we've been doing our best to entertain ourselves inside :)

(note, she has been a little screechy lately because both of her top front teeth are coming in at the same time. Hopefully more on that soon, but at the rate that she normally teethes, who knows.)

Shuffle Off to Buffalo

If you do be sure to come visit us! Well we finally made it to Buffalo, NY after what seemed like the longest drive of my life. Our little Lolly actually did quite well, but nonetheless it was a very long 3 days of driving.

We left Cedar City at 5:30 Friday morning and had gotten no more than 20 miles down the road when Erik noticed that the box tied to the top of my car was not secured tight enough. So we stopped for a half hour while he completely undid it then did it again. We got back on the extremely icy road (I've only seen it icy like that once in the whole 4 years we've lived in Cedar) and crawled into Beaver, UT where we had to stop to feed ourselves some breakfast. After that the day had started warming up some and pretty soon we were able to go freeway speeds :) We did pretty well all the way to Vail Pass in Colorado, which just happened to be closed because of a blizzard and multi-car pile up.

Our options were to wait for an anticipated VERY long time for it to re-open, or take an alternative route. We took the alternative route, not realizing that it would take us 2 hours to travel what would have taken us 10 minutes on the freeway. Of course, by the time we completed said alternate route and got back up to the freeway, it was open again. Because of this serious delay and the distance we still had to travel that day, we didn't get to stop and see my friend Eric who lives in Frisco, CO, and we didn't get to our hotel until 3 am. That day we were on the road for nearly 21 hours.

On Saturday we got a late start to the day because of our exceedingly late night before, but we still hoped to make it to Cincinnati that night, and stay with our friends the Caspers. We didn't make it. When we started our trip we really didn't realize how much time Noelle would need off the road, and just how exhausting it would be for us. We drove as far as we could as late into the night as we could, but still had to stop somewhere in Indiana about 3 hours away from Cincinnati :(

On Sunday morning we got a late start, again, but drove as fast as we could towards Cincinnati, only to find that we got there right as the Caspers were in church. We stopped to visit with our friends Tiona and Carl Richards (thank you so much for feeding us, it was wonderful to see you guys!), and by the time we left their house we had no time to go back and visit the Caspers (I'm so sorry we couldn't stop and see you guys! The timing was just crappy :( But we will definitely be able to stop on our way home!), as our friends live 45 minutes apart! More friends that we didn't get to see because of time!

It was super late when we left Cincinnati and Erik and I were getting very tired of driving, but somehow we made it the 7 or so hours up to Buffalo and got here at 2 in the morning. We brought in just our suitcases and went right to sleep! It seriously took us the rest of the week to recover enough that we didn't feel exhausted when we woke up every day, so I am definitely NOT looking forward to having to drive back! But we are here and so far enjoying our stay, though the weather has been very wet. Hopefully it will dry up soon and we can really experience Buffalo!

Mothers Day!

The very best day! I love being able to celebrate Mother's Day! It is all thanks to my beautiful and loving angel Noelle that I am blessed enough to get to celebrate this day now! I am grateful every second of every day for her, she is such a good girl! She smiles and laughs a lot and loves to give her mommy and daddy the BEST kisses! She is so inquisitive and curious about discovering the things she can ( and can't!) do. I love her from the very tips of my toes up to the top of my heart. It is more fun than I ever could have imagined to watch her learn and grow, to love her and comfort her, to teach her and guide her, to be her mother :)

This year Mother's Day was our first Sunday our here in Buffalo, so we just mostly took it easy. On Saturday night we went out to Cheesecake Factory with our APX group, it was delicious! The next morning we went to our ward and it seems really nice, and I got a chocolate bar for being a mother! Score! After church we came home and just spent time together as a family, watching a movie and playing with Noelle. My loving family got me two Jane Austen books that I had been wanting, thank you Erik! And Erik put up with me asking him to do all sorts of things because it was Mother's Day. It was a very nice day :)

A Quarter of A Century!

Well I have a confession to make: On April 26th at 12:08 am I turned 25!Yes, it's true, though I swear I don't feel a day over 19! This year we did something kinda special and my dear hermanita Krysta and I had a twin party again! after complaining about it every single year growing up, we actually wanted to share a party this year :) It was so much fun and I am very grateful to everyone who was able to come, you made our night!

We got some games out so people could play if they wanted and Noelle LOVED the Mexican Train Dominoes. She carried at least one around with her everywhere she went :)

HAHAHAHA Julie and Josie :D

Friends Jeff and Felicity Wilbur :)

Dorky me