Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm sure some of you have heard of this before, but I just came across it again and had to post it. Enjoy :)
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5 Months!

Yes, Saturday was my sweet Noelle's 5-month birthday :) What a beautiful baby she is and what change in just one month! This month has felt a little different for me; less "oh my goodness I can't believe it's been so long already" and more "I feel like she's been mine forever". With Erik being gone for work so much this month we have really spent a lot of time together. Being her sole care-giver all week long has been somewhat challenging, but kind of a treat. It's fun to have my little buddy with me all the time. It makes me sad to think about going back to school and having to spend so much time away from her. This month she has changed and learned so much! From little things like getting better every day at reaching for and grabbing things, to being able to really focus on a toy and how it works, to putting her toes in her mouth, and finally having her first cereal. She is doing great with it too, she loves her cereal! I love my baby girl! I am eternally grateful to be blessed with her :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Longer A One-Trick-Pony!

After the first bite...

After a couple bites...

All done!
I'm so excited to be starting her on cereal! She haaaaates formula and she won't really even take a bottle of my milk either, so I am pretty much the only person on the planet that can feed her. Until now! Woo Hoo! She ended up spitting most of it out, but she didn't cry at all so I figured she liked it well enough and just needs practice swallowing. Wish us luck!

More Cuteness From the Baby

I'm not sure why this one is turned weird, but I love the expression on her face.

She can put her toes in her mouth! She has been playing with her feet for weeks, inching ever closer to her mouth, and on Friday she finally got it! It is so cute to watch her just bring her toes up and stick them in her mouth :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Noelle Plays

Ha ha this is how Noelle plays. She yells at her toys if they don't do just what she wants. Here she is trying to pull the blue hippo head off so she can stick it in her mouth :) I love how she peeks at me every now and then to see if I'm still watching.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Noelle

She's going to help mommy fold the laundry :)

She is getting so much more deliberate in her actions. She will shake this rattle to make the little blue balls inside move and she will try to get them in her mouth. She always gets so frustrated when the big plastic ball gets in the way :)

This little bumblebee toy cracks me up. She has another ladybug toy that is very similar to it, and when you pull on that toy it will play a little song. So whenever she has this toy in front of her she will always pull on it and just look at it like "Why is it not singing?" She is such a fun baby! She loves going on walks, playing with her toys, and giving mommy eskimo kisses :) She only wakes up once a night, but would sleep all day if I let her! And she falls asleep like an angel, almost never crying or fussing. I definitely appreciate that!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Watch This!

Well I guess she has had enough of tummy time!
I'm so proud of my sweet baby!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Don't Usually Get Too Religious But...

I came across this on facebook. As I read it I had a mental picture of Erik and I humbly coming before our Heavenly Father together, saying that we had found our love and wished to ask his approval for our marriage, and Him smiling, saying yes, and blessing us to be together for all eternity. I like that picture :)

In many ways, the confirmation of a couple's sealing is a "stamp of approval" given by God, a divine recognition that their union will be eternal. This is the true definition of a celestial marriage—one that has been ratified by God as being in full force for the eternities.

My Baby Smells Like A Cherry Airhead

You know the taffy-like candy? Well, Noelle has strep. I guess that is pretty uncommon for babies her age, but somehow she got it. Now between mylicon for her gas bubbles, her antacid for her reflux, the tylenol, her antibiotics, and all the accompanying syringes and droppers my kitchen looks like a pharmacy :) So she has been feeling pretty crummy for a couple of days but has really been a trooper considering. The crying, fussing, and drooling I pretty much expected from this kind of an illness, but there is also one other side effect that I really didn't see coming. The infant tylenol is cherry flavored and sticky, and her antibiotic is also cherry flavored and sticky, and between the two she has now taken on a decidedly cherry flavor and aroma herself. It's kinda weird, but I really don't mind if it helps her get better fast :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Free Stuff!

For little girls! My SIL makes the cutest, most adorable bows and things for little girls and she is doing a giveaway on her new blog! So if you have a little girl, or a niece, or can even think of any little girl that you might know, click here to go to the blog and enter to win! It doesn't matter who you are, anybody in the world can enter. Well, maybe you should live in the US so that she can ship it to you :)

4th of July, Thurman Style!

What a fun day we had! Noelle and I had a little picnic with some of the other wives and their kids, and then Erik was able to get home by 8! It was wonderful to have him home in the evening! We had a little family bbq, just the 3 of us, and then we lit off a few little fountains and sparklers for Noelle. After that we watched our city's fireworks show from our apartments. It was way past Noelle's bed time, but it seemed like she enjoyed the fireworks and the noise didn't scare her. And she slept great that night :)

Happy family :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Want Drastic?

I'll give you drastic :) I love my new hair! I just woke up from a nap, but I think it still pretty much looks how it did when the stylist did it. I feel so liberated :) No more long, messy hair and boring old pony tails for me!