Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Talk about 9 Months :)

How we love our sweet baby! She is such a joy, so happy and smiley. She loves to laugh at our crazy antics, and she LOVES her big sister. Any time Noelle plays with her she is in heaven. One of their favorite things to do is to hide under Noelle's favorite blanket and pretend they are in a "tent". Gotta keep a close eye on it, but Ladybug just smiles the whole time :)
At 9 months, our little Soleil weighs 19 lbs. 8 oz. which puts her in the 70%. She is 2' 4.5" tall, in the 85% for height. At her checkup she had to have her finger pricked for an iron test and she had to have one shot for immunizations. She barely even noticed the finger prick, and she cried for literally 3 seconds with the shot. My tough little lady.
Soleil is still not quite crawling yet, but is getting so close! She is very adventurous and inquisitive, not much misses her eye. She loves to screech at the top of her lungs still, but we are gently trying to help her express her exuberance/boredom/hunger/frustration/pain/discomfort in a slightly less noisy way. She loves to mimic our sounds and can say ya-ya, la-la, and va-va in addition to her previous vocabulary. She is getting very good at finding her balance when she stands up, and she loves playing with people or other babies. She can roll all around now, but still prefers for me to just pick her up and move her, or get her what she wants, or just be carried in my arms all day long, riding along as I do all the mommy things I do throughout the day. She doesn't have much interest in movies, which is fine but kind of a bummer when you need something to distract your kids for a bit while you try to get work done. All in all, we just love our baby girl! She is so bright and happy and fun :)

What a beautiful little lady!! My heart melts :)

First time sledding. Ha ha she looks like a plucked chicken, but we had lots of fun!
Noelle likes to hide behind the high-chair and peek at Soleil through the little handle hole. They both think it is hilarious.

Mmmmm, toast
So deliciously cute!