Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Stuff Again!

Go HERE for a great giveaway for anybody located in the SLC/provo area. Free pics and more!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bathroom Sneak-up

Sorry about the bad cinematography and the terrible shots of my dirty bathroom, but I had to kind of sneak up on her to try and record what she was doing. Every time I pull out the camera now she stops doing whatever it was I wanted to record and just stares at the camera! It's frustrating. This day she was being so cute! All day she was just babbling and cooing to whoever would listen. I was in the bathroom getting ready, and I just had her on the floor by me. And of course, as soon as she spots the camera everything she was doing stops and she just looks at me like "What?".

Spitting Mad

Ha ha I guess she was done :) She has learned how to "spit" and now she does it whenever she is mad. It's actually really cute and really funny. The first couple times she did it I was torn between calming her down so she wouldn't be upset or just watching her do it more.

Some Blogging

What to do when you only have one day to get your house cleaned and packed up before you put everything you own in your car and drive home? Why, blog of course!