Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Score!!!

Man I love the holidays! Thanksgiving was wonderful just getting to eat and spend time with family. This whole week has been great! And today I had a great time out finishing up my Christmas shopping with my dear momma. AND just happened to get an awesome holiday score too! We had just walked into Kid to Kid and were looking at some dresses and a lady came up to my mom and asked if we wanted this Crayola art easel she had. I guess she had brought it to the store to try and sell it to them but they wouldn't take it and she really didn't want it anymore and didn't want to lug it home and have it take up space there, so she just offered it to us for freeeeeeeee! I couldn't hardly believe it, I never get stuff for free. So now I have this great easel in perfect condition that retails for about $55 new that we get to give Noelle for Christmas :D :D :D What a great week it's been!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey Look!!

In case if you didn't know yet, we are expecting! Little Thurman baby #2 is in the way :) This pregnancy has been completely different from Noelle's, which makes me think it is a boy ;) We will hopefully find that out around the 13th of December! Our due date is May 10th, so we still have a long way to go, but I am about 14 weeks along and in my second trimester. The funny thing is that I know of 5 people (including myself) who are due withing the same week as me! So if I ever get to putting pictures up on this blog again, I'll be sure to get some when my belly starts growing and when we get an ultrasound I'll put that up too :)