Saturday, December 31, 2011

Catching Up to 7 Months!

December 11th marked 7 months for this little lady. What fun she is! Her 7th month was a busy one, there was Thanksgiving, followed by a sudden week-long trip to Arizona for my Grandpa Williams' funeral. All the while we would spend our days out at our new house trying to get it fixed up, then drive back every night to Erik's parents' house, where we were living. It was a lot of driving and a lot to do in just one short month, and she was just a trooper. By 7 months Our little Soleil was a confident sitter and LOVED the reach it gave her, she can seem to get ahold of anything! She was loving solid food, and would eat any kind we gave her, and lots of it. She loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa Thurman so much, and just lit up with smiles every time Grandpa walked in the door from work, and every morning when Grandma woke up.

Ladybug was so patient with all the back-and-forth driving to work on the house, and Daddy always being gone at the house. She has been just an angel, but definitely has been working on her dramatic side too! She has a very loud, piercing scream, and she lets it fly with very little provocation :) Most of the time, it just makes us laugh at how indignant she would be at things we would do, like walk out of a room without her, even if we were coming right back ha ha ha.

Half a Year For Our Baby Girl.

On November 11th our sweet little Soleil turned 6 months old, time flies so fast! At her checkup she weighed 16 lbs 4 oz-- about 50% for weight; and was about 24 inches long-- 75% for height.
How we love this little girl. At 6 months she was doing well with practicing standing, and she could just about sit up unsupported, but wasn't quite there yet. She has even more sounds to babble with-- da-da, ma-ma, as well as ba-ba. Ma-ma quickly became her "mad" sound, just like with Noelle.
Her favorite things to do were play with toys and put anything within reach in her mouth, which is a lot! She clearly inherited my "Go-go-gadget" arms, cause nothing ever seems to be far enough away to be out of her reach.

A Day To Give Thanks!

And boy did we have a lot to be grateful for! We had just closed on our house :) Thanksgiving this year was a busy busy day for us. We started out with lunch at my Aunt and Uncle's house, then dinner at Erik's parents, then second dinner and desserts at my sister's house ha ha ha. We were stuffed. But it was a great day spent with family and we loved it.

Going Waaaaaay Back to..... Halloween!

We had so much fun with Halloween this year! We went to a trunk-or-treat at Camp Williams with our friends the Westwoods, we trick-or-treated at Walmart, and then we capped off the evening with dinner and trick-or-treating at my mom's house. Noelle LOVED trick-or-treating! Ever since she ate her last piece of candy, she has been asking me when we will go again :) This year Noelle wanted to be a unicorn, and I couldn't resist turning our little ladybug into a ladybug! The girls were just so cute.

With the Westwoods, Natalie, Jossy, and Sammi, at Camp Williams. The trunk-or-treat line was sooooo long, but there were other fun things to do there too.

Unicorn Power!

Little Ladybug!

Cousins! And me :)