Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Piggy Tails

I was at the store yesterday and just decided to get some tiny little elastics to try and put Noelle's hair in little pig tails. I was so excited about it that as soon as I got home I threw some in real fast just to see if it would work. Here is the result.
So Cute! I think she looks absolutely adorable, but it also makes me kinda sad because I don't think she looks like a little baby anymore! I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow and she's going to be 18 and moving out to go to college.

Master of His Craft

Erik would try to play this down and make it seem like it's not a big deal, but I think it is really neat. He was featured in APX's weekly newsletter for the good work that he does. Sometimes a little recognition is nice. I would just link to the article, but you have to have an APX log in to see it, so I'll just paste the whole thing in here:

"Masters of the Craft
Minneapolis, Minnesota - Some people think that being a tech is the sweet life. Sure, the actual work is tougher and the hours bite, but it’s guaranteed money, right? Not so much. Yeah, if you’re a tech in a good office the jobs invariably come your way, but when it comes down to it, making money as a tech is a lot like doing the same as a rep – it’s a crowded food chain and only the fittest survive.

Two Minneapolis-North techs demonstrated on Friday that the tech life is not one of full time handouts. Erik Thurman and Buck Shaheen showed that success is an individual choice that is not thrust upon you by circumstances. While some reps in the office ended with 1-2 installs on the day, both Thurman and Shaheen ended up with 4 completed installs each. This isn’t just the luck of the rotation. It’s the story of two techs that are straight up masters of their craft."

Way to go sweetheart! I love you :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Baby is 4!

Four months anyway :) She turned four months old yesterday and I can't believe how she is growing and changing so fast! Yesterday she did her first real laugh a couple of times, but has decided not to repeat it since :( And today she looked at me in the mirror while I was holding her then turned her head to look at the real me, then looked back at me in the mirror, then back at the real me. It was so cute! I could practically see the wheels turning in her head. She weighs a little over 14 lbs and is 26 1/2 inches long. I love my baby girl so much! These have been the best 4 months of my life :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing With Her Toys

So I am feeling kinda bummed lately that we are so far away from family and friends and I can't show everyone all the cute things Noelle does every day and all the little ways that she has changed. Hence all the recent posting of pics and videos. I just wish I could have everyone there to share all the sweet moments with me!

Look at those blue eyes and that cute little mouth!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Noelle's First Parade!

And boy was it hot! Roseville had their annual Rose Parade yesterday so we decided to go since it was just down the street. But the parade was in the evening instead of the morning, so it was over 100 degrees when we first got there, and soo humid too. Poor Noelle was kinda dyin, I kept pouring water on her cause I didn't have a spray bottle to keep her cool. But she liked to look at the flashing lights on the police cruisers and watch the high school marching bands walk by. We left quite early though. After sitting for and hour and a half they were only a quarter of the way through the parade! And we had had enough of the heat.Sitting with Monica and Karalee

Proud to be an American!

Baby Toy Junkie





Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Love This Girl!

Just a few more samples of sweet Noelle's sounds :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Room For Mommy

Sometimes a mommy just isn't needed :)

Daddy Scaring Noelle

He was making funny faces and noises at her and I guess this combination wasn't particularly amusing :) Poor baby.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some More Reaching and Even Some Grabbing *wink wink*


This video only shows a little bit, but she has started reaching for things. If it is small enough she an grab it, but she is still working on making her fingers do what she wants. I imagine that will be a long process. I still can't always seem to make my fingers do what I want.

Some More Pictures

Well we haven't really been up to much lately so there aren't any pics of fun activities, so I just decided to put up some random pictures of my baby :)

Watching tv :)

I absolutely love her big blue eyes. They are so bright and sparkly when she gets excited or is just watching and learning, and they get all cute and droopy when she is tired.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another trip to the Zoo.

This time with Daddy! Noelle still really didn't care and I still had a blast!

Erik and the sloth (burying its face in the tree. I think it was trying to sleep but it just spends all day up in that tree in the middle of the "rainforest" room)

These little monkeys move sooo fast it was way hard to get a pic but I tried because they are so interesting! They are tiny little things, but they have these huge white curly mustaches, like a cowboy or something. They are my favorite animal at the zoo.

Yes, we are riding a bronze statue of a giant tortoise. Noelle is sitting on its head. Good times.

A Baptism in Boise

Our oldest nephew Brigham turned 8 last week and was baptized on Saturday! We took the opportunity to fly out to Boise and visit family and support him. It was so nice :) I miss the western United States :)
The Baptism-ee

Cute Noelle with her Cute cousin Karlee. We think Noelle will have curly hair. Karlee is the only other cousin so far who also has curly hair.
Strapped in and ready for take off! Actually we held her the entire time for every plane ride.

On the way home from Boise we had a layover in Salt Lake and just couldn't resist the opportunity to see my family. They came up to the airport to visit with us between our flights. It wasn't for very long, but it was sure nice to see them, and be able to show them Noelle and how much she's grown in just a month.