Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

A veritable smorgasbord of videos of my cute girlies! Some are kinda long. I just barely found out that you can edit videos in youtube to just put on the good parts, but I was too tired, and anyway I like seeing the whole video :)

Cute laughing baby :)

You think this is just a video of a baby trying to poop ;) Until you see Noelle haahahahahahaahaha

Just moved in. And loving the piggy tails :) Oh, and the dishwasher arrived, which is why I had to end so quickly

Christmas Morning with Noelle

Underwear hat. Also, Noelle loves the garbage truck and we anxiously await its arrival every Thursday.

The reason I love this video is that it shows Noelle figuring out, remembering, and anticipating the timing of the song. Something new for her :)

To go with the pic in the last post, our big girl holding herself up :) That little coughing sound she is making is her "I'm-so-utterly-pleased-with-how-accomplished-I-am" sound :) Cute girl.

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