Friday, March 22, 2013

My Sweet Growing Boy

Today Jude turned 5 months old! It is so fun to watch my baby grow :) He started on rice cereal about a week ago and has been doing great with it! But it is clear he still very much prefers nursing haha. Our little man really enjoys his sleep, except when it tries to interfere with eating. He takes 3 pretty long naps during the day, but still wakes up twice during the night. Can't miss a meal!! Jude loves to talk and sing and he is constantly smiling :D Especially when he sees his mommy ;) he likes to stand up but still isn't doing much in the way of rolling. Or sitting. I think I kind of spoil him and hold him too much while he is awake, but he is so sweet, and Soleil is just loves on him a little too much any time I set him down. He is able to put himself to sleep and that is a huge blessing. His big sisters love him to pieces and are always sure to say hi to him every time he wakes up. We love our sweet little man!

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